As passionate innovators, our connection to Earth has been steadfast from the start. What we take from Her is a gift we accept with the utmost respect. Therefore, in these dire times for our planet and endangered ecosystem, we pledge to do our part.


Bees are sadly threatened worldwide, registering in 2019 a 40% population decrease in the US and a 33% reduction in the UK. The causes are manifold, but they are mostly linked to invasive production methods and poor beekeeping practices—all for the sake of profit.

"Our mission is to change the game; we believe this exploitation has to end."

So, we took action. Our Manuka Honey is 100% cruelty free & ethically sourced directly from our New Zealand farms. Thanks to our traceability systems, we can monitor, measure, and manage all aspects of our harvesting activities, ensuring the best standards are always met. In this way, we carefully regulate the impact on our environment, trees, and bees.

La Hun focuses on quality over quantity, and we firmly believe that the love we put into our beekeeping ultimately shows in our products.


What good would be our effort to preserve the bees, if our actions were at the same time endangering their precious environment? Aware of the delicate balance that sustains our planet’s ecosystem, we understand the importance of recycling within a sustainable business.

So, when you buy La Hun, you can be assured of one thing: our planet is not being harmed in any way. Instead, you are fostering and investing in the wellbeing and habitat of the bees. You’re taking part in a revolution.

Because big changes begin with small choices.

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