Unfortunately, Bees in the U.S are dying due to non ethical beekeeping standards and extreme mass production. That is why all of our Manuka Honey is 100% cruelty free & ethically sourced directly from our New Zealand farms. 

We have traceability and recording systems in place allow us to monitor, measure and manage all aspects of our harvesting activities to ensure the highest quality standards are met, first and foremost being the impact on our environment, land, trees and bees.

All our New Zealand beekeepers are contractually obligated to operate within the requirements of our Ethical Honey Harvesting Programme from New Zealand.

Sustainably Harvested. 

In 2009, New Zealand Federated Farmers launched the ‘Trees for Bees NZ’ campaign to ensure that honey bees have the opportunity to gather sufficient pollen and nectar, providing the vitamins and minerals required to maintain optimum hive strength and a viable pollinating bee force. La Hun's suppliers are a sponsor of this fantastic programme, supporting and protecting the future of our bee colonies in New Zealand.

Bees consume pollen as a protein and vitamin source and nectar for energy. While gathering these resources, they move pollen from one plant to another thus benefiting the farm by pollinating crops.

Availability of quality pollen resources is critical during spring when beekeepers are building up bee populations for pollination services. Any shortfall leads to weakened bees making them susceptible to pests and diseases. It also dramatically slows the queens breeding output and results in under-performing pollination.


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