La Hun Manuka Honey is one of the wonders of the new millennium.

Sought-after for its incredible health benefits and unique taste, its increasing popularity also meant the rise of an industry of fakes and imitations.

This is why, now more than ever, it is important to preserve the true authenticity of New Zealand's most delectable national treasure.

It all starts with our beekeepers.

As unique conditions of climate and soil are essential to harvest Manuka Honey of the highest quality, we only deal with certified beekeepers from New Zealand.

Their devotion to the wellbeing and traceability of their hives is legendary.

Bees are constantly monitored to guarantee their health and happiness, while hives are tracked with a cutting-edge system of electronic ID tags.

This hi-tech grid then communicates with our suppliers’ central database, recording the hives’ GPS location and the real-time information updated by beekeepers with their smartphones.

The result is a flawless symbiosis between bees and keepers, honed for the production and selection of the finest authentic Manuka Honey.

On top of all that, we are also certified by the Non GMO Project.

Ethically sourced, traceable, recyclable, sustainable.

100% Traceability back to the source in New Zealand. Enter your batch number below:

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