At La Hun we like to see the world as one big playground for creation.

Our unwavering passion for nature and self-improvement has led us to pursue an ambitious lifestyle, where health and beauty can be grasped with minimalistic purity.

Following the rising popularity of New Zealand’s liquid gold Manuka honey and the ascent of ethical companies around the globe, we saw the opportunity to create something bold and new.

La Hun was borne to be more than a prodigious honey-making enterprise. We envisioned a brand of people for the people and, most importantly, for the planet.

Our mission is to elevate our customers’ lifestyle with our creations. We are a team of daring innovators, who aren’t afraid to bring forth ideas from pop culture and fashion to inject our field with new life.

Behind our strenuous quest for excellence, there’s the dream to innovate the wellbeing industry from its foundations

We are against intensive apiculture that damages and exploits bees—so much that Greenpeace now considers them endangered. We are against those brands that mislead their customers by marketing their honey as Manuka even when their product is impure. But most of all, we are against a dated industrial model that isn’t green nor sustainable which is why all of our products are 100% ethically sourced and tracible from the heavens of New Zealand.

We also like to imagine a special symbiosis with our customers. They choose us, we do our part to give back to the community; it’s the spinning circle of life.

To begin with, we happily provide a line of products with such love and authenticity. But above all, we are proud to sustain a brave society such as the Young Survival Coalition, conceived to support women under 40 with breast cancer.

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