SANTA MONICA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 9, 2020 / New Zealand Manuka honey brand La Hun has now received its official Non GMO Project Verification certification for the North American region. With the brand gaining popularity with celebrities in the U.S, the company sells most of their products online.

The brands founder Ali Hayalie says that there is many Manuka honey brands out their misleading customers with their authenticity and that it's important to set apart the difference between what's authentic and what isn't.

"Unfortunately, so many of these so-called Manuka honey companies are claiming authenticity with no type of formal grading nor approval seals by foundations like the Non GMO project. It's important that customers are educated in the right way and know what their buying," says Mr Hayalie.

To ensure maximum authenticity, the brand also offers a full traceability feature where you can scan a QR code from the jar to your phone which takes you right back to the hive it came from in New Zealand. With its popularity growing rapidly in the US market, Hayalie also mentions the brand's sustainability and ethically sourced values is what makes it so special.

"Unfortunately, bees in the US are dying due to non-ethical beekeeping standards. We really wanted our honey to be 100% ethical and sustainable where our bees in New Zealand are well nourished and looked after so much that even our beekeepers don't have to wear protective gear if they don't want to but still do to meet New Zealand safety standards" says Hayalie.

Alongside their promise towards being sustainable and ethically sourced, La Hun's packaging is 100% recyclable from the jar right through to the label.

According to Hayalie, the brand was founded due to the lack of innovation and modernization within the honey industry globally. Hayalie claims that he was tired of seeing Manuka honey marketed the same way as a commodity and not a brand that people can relate to on an emotional level and so with his experience in the beauty and luxury industry, he managed to create La Hun. Hayalie also has a high-end brand called Manuka by Hayalie tailored to private clients.

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