Tips to Help Minimize Acne on the Skin

Waking up to a pimple on your skin is never a pleasant sight. Studies suggest that reoccurring acne on the skin may be due to your family history and also bad skincare habits. For this reason, it is necessary to understand your skin type by visiting a licensed dermatologist and eliminating poor skincare practices from your normal routine. Making proper changes to your overall routine will help ...

Tips to Help Improve Your Oral Health

Your oral health should play a major role in your life. It is necessary to treat your teeth with extra care to prevent the development of cavities or inflammation over time. Studies have found that the first signs of poor oral health include redness, swelling, aches, and plaque. When a person has poor oral health, this may lead to life-threatening conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular disea...
If you’re looking for more reasons to eat honey, then we’ve got you covered! Besides the traditional ways of eating honey on toast or in your favorite tea, there are a plethora of snacks, meals and beverages that compliment the smooth and rich taste of La Hun Manuka Honey. We’ve put a few of our favorites below ranging from your morning coffee to a tasty side dish at dinner!    Coffee When you wa...
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